I recommend strongly this group if you are a newbie like me! You might not see me contributing yet on the threads but I'm here reading all your posts and discussions! I've learned most in the last month I subscribed to this group than in 6 months I started to get interest in crypto! Thanks a lot for your hard work!


I have to be honest I was a bit hesitant about subscribing as nothing is guaranteed in the trading world and also I had absolutely no clue how to trade. HOWEVER, the subscription that Mark provides teaches you proper risk management and how to trade responsibly. You're not going to 100x your cash position overnight. But you will be able to take it slowly and make small gains that add up BIG. Overall I have made enough money to repay for the subscription for years to come. Obviously, not every single trade is going to be a winning trade (the majority, YES), but as you gain more experience you can make your own judgment on whether or not to follow his trade ideas. I went from just HODLING coins to understanding much more about that crypto scene.


I searched for a Coach or a newbie-friendly, which was so hard to find a cheap one, then I found Mark's Group. It is affordable compared to other groups, yet I GUARANTEE to have 0% trolls in his Group. I highly vouch and recommend his Group. You will get every help you need. His Group is willing to help each other and has a positive environment. You rarely see this kind of Group.


Joined the channel this month and I’ve already 4X my capital! One of the best crypto investments I’ve made this year! To be honest, I should have joined a long time ago! Waited too long but I’m in now! I highly vouch and recommend his Group. You will get every help you need. His Group is willing to help each other and has a positive environment. You rarely see this kind of Group.


Great discord group, everyone has been so friendly and supportive of any questions I have or guidance I have needed. The training on how to responsible trade is awesome.


I am new to the group and to the trading crypto thing. There are tons to read and there’s so much valuable support for newbies like me. The pros giving always support and the community is great. First I want to learn and understand. Then start with trading. I think that’s the place to start and stay for a very decent price.


Mark is one of the most patient and knowledgeable people I have run into in the crypto world. He is patient enough to answer questions from newbies like me and his ability to read charts and call shots has impressed me very much. I will continue to use his paid services as it has been good for my bank account and my general knowledge of the crypto world.


I have only been in the group for 4 days and I am very happy with the help I am receiving in this group and the resources. I think this is the best decision I have made so far regarding crypto and I feel like I really have a chance to make something of this long term for myself. I have recommended this group to many people, I mean obviously, a bull run means everyone makes money but the tokens I have picked up since I joined this group are the ones with the highest gains instead of the 5-10% gains being the highest I would normally see. I am now seeing 20-50% 24hr gains on a lot of mine!


I am impressed by Mark's knowledge and dedication. A lot of tips received via the Discord channel he has established. In addition to the moonshot calls, and other good trading opportunities, there is a lot of material in the channel to learn from. Very well organized and categorized list of topics. I highly recommend everyone to join!


Just wish to have more time to benefit from all the call-outs and knowledge. It's exactly what I was looking for, and other members add very useful information and help if Mark is not online. Best investment in crypto I did so far!


I am loving the page, very clear and consistent!


I've been in the paid group for about a week now and I can tell you this is the group you want to be in. You'll pay higher gas fees on some trades that the monthly subscription! Mark made a trade call shortly after I joined the group which I took, that first trade alone covered over a years subscription and then some! Everything is stepped out in plain english. When to enter, when to exit, stop/loss levels, when to take profit, and at what levels! That's just for day and swing trading, then you've got ICOs, Moonshots, Astros, Spot trades, stocks, and more! Well done Mark, the effort you put in is massive, thank you!


This group in a short period of time has me understanding more about trading in 3 months than I learned the prior two years. All of the members are very friendly and will help you out with whatever you need. not like other groups where you will be treated like an idiot for asking a question. By far the best money ever spent!!! The training videos alone on his discord are worth hundreds of dollars. Get onboard right away, you will not regret it.